Ruby has been sleeping in a notebook for a few years, until I decided it was time to wake her up by publishing her story on the web.

My name is Roshnii Rose. I wrote and drew Ruby and the Star back in 2004, when I was a university student.

A lot has changed in my life since I first wrote the story. I now live in Hove, England, with my lovely hubbie Premasagar and my beautiful son Surya.

Why did I write about Ruby’s experience with the star?

When I was ten, I visited a country cottage with a friend. One night, we lay in our beds pondering the size of the universe. As I looked into the darkness, my brain and stomach felt knotted up with the mere thought of where the vastness of Space might end.

Years later, my questions about life, the universe and everything, led me to learn meditation. As a school teacher, I have meditated with groups of children, which, each time, has given me the sweet feeling of sitting amongst new flower buds.

The combination of these experiences inspired me to write about a young girl’s journey into the depths of herself. So, Ruby was born.

Now, seeing the wonder in my son’s eyes as he tastes life fresh from the womb, it felt like the right time to bring Ruby back to life.

Work in Progress

As you will see, some of the illustrations for Ruby are unfinished. I decided it was more important to get the story out than delay it until everything was complete.

If you are an illustrator interested in working on your own illustrations for the story, feel free to contact me on roshnii[at]roshnii.net.

And, to everyone who visits this site, it would be great to hear your feedback on the story and how you found your way here.

Ruby To-Duby

To do list for Ruby and the Star:
- Write a blog post explaining the Creative Commons license
- Create a pdf for people to download and print the story
- Colour unfinished illustrations
- Create a self-publish book so people can buy a nice finished copy of the story

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